Drink & Draw
1st Tuesday of every Month

Come hang out with us.
Have a couple drinks, draw a few of those cool S's you used to draw in grade 3.
All skill levels are welcome.
If you like to draw, you can come.



Evan's Critiques

One of our valued members, Evan Ginsberg, has often said that the thing he misses most from university are the critique sessions. We agree and we think that Kingston's art scene is overdue for some constructive critique. We intend for these sessions to be like we had in university (but maybe slightly more laid back).

For those who aren't familiar, these critique sessions are a time for the the class to critique each-others work (finished or in progress). One at a time the group moves from one art piece to another talking about what works, what doesn't, asking questions about the work, providing constructive suggestions and listening to the artist talk about what their intent was and what they would like to achieve.


Dead On's gallery space allows for 6 shows a year. Rotating in 2 month periods, we showcase emerging and mid-level artists. For information on showing your work at Dead On, please review our submission package.


The wall located outside of the gallery is a curated legal wall allowing room for up and coming muralists, graffiti writers and urban illustrators to hone their skills.



Dead On Studio is a space for artistic development and driven artists to complete work. There will be an opportunity for a new artist to join our open studio space in the new year. If interested, please get in contact with us via email.


Studio Artists

Evan Ginsberg
Eric Williams
Brian Hoad
Shaylyn Honor
Ella Gonzales


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