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UPDATE - The Great Toilet Paper Pandemic of 2020

The launch of our spankin' new ONLINE STORE!

Dead On was founded to facilitate the growth and development of new artists in Kingston and across Ontario. Before our current health crisis hit, we had lots of plans to grow Dead On and get the community involved. Skillshares, regular open-door public art sessions, community collaborations and so much more.

I'm not going to say something like "now more than ever Kingston needs emerging artists" because that's not true. But, eventually, this will pass and at the other end,  I don't want Dead On to be another failed Kingston art collective like so many before us. Slowly since 2017 we have been pushing forward with our goal to diversify this city's art scene and we don't want all of this to go to waste. If Dead On closes, I'm sure another progressive artist collective will replace it. But if we close, they will have to start from scratch and it seems like this has been an endless cycle that Kingston has been stuck in for years, constantly trying, but never making any progress.

Dead On operates on a simple principle: our collective members pay rent for our space and we have complete freedom to do whatever with it. Recently 3 of our members have departed due to the stress of Coronavirus. This has put immense financial strain on the remaining 3 members.

To help alleviate the financial strain, we are opening an online store! Our store will feature original artwork from our studio members and friends of Dead On, as well as Dead On merchandise. A percentage of the proceeds from every purchase will go towards helping us pay rent and improve our space for the artists and the community. While we are struggling, we know these artists are too and each us are facing different challenges. So we decided it was important to allow the artist determine, per item, the percentage of proceeds that goes to Dead On and the percentage they receive. This split is noted in the description of each item in the store.

Help us stay open in these difficult times by buying some art or donating. Every little bit helps!

Thank you all for supporting and showing interest in Dead On over the years!


Eric Williams

Founder & Operations Director

Dead On Collective

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